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I'm excited! It's my very first week note. Let's give this a go then.

Many colleagues and other designers across the community have taken up the opportunity to reflect on their week. After a chat with with one of my past colleagues at BBC, I've decided to give week notes a try myself. It ties nicely with one of my personal goals to share updates on my work and learnings with my network.

So without further ado, here's 5 stories from my week.


A new project on the horizon

A screenshot showing Miro. There are a variety of different artboards but are zoomed out, so you can't see the details.

Our new working board. A brain dump of plans, thinking and team bonding


This week saw the start of a new project on measurement mapping. Across the next six weeks, I'm going to be doing a lot of digging into how we currently measure the customer experience across the different businesses within the Co-op. As this is all new to me, I described to my colleagues that I'll be acting as a sponge throughout this project - soaking up lots of knowledge and insight.

This will be an important piece of work to help demonstrate the impact we're having in the Customer Experience Strategy Team. I'm excited, open to learn and eager to work with new team members.


Shaping principles for inclusive meetings

A screenshot showing Miro. There are a number of black theme post its, and multi-coloured post it notes underneath showing responses from surveys. The details are blurred.

Early emerging themes from our survey synthesis


Something I've been working on over the past month is how we might encourage inclusive collaboration in meetings. Small things like jargon and facilitating only for vocal contribution can make people feel excluded. To explore this, myself, Jack and Suhail have coordinated some research into what does and doesn't make people feel included in meetings.

We've synthesised and themed our insights, and now we've got an expert principle shaper on board, Jo. We hope that by forming some principles, we can provide guidance to both the facilitator and attendees on how to make meetings and workshops more inclusive. More to come soon.


The importance of fun

A screenshot from Slack. It shows a custom emoji of a tortoise which changes colour. 4 people have reacted to the message with the 'clapping' emoji.



One thing I am quite passionate about is having fun at work. It's important in keeping us going and to bond as a team. It can also help new starters feel more welcome and relaxed in an environment that can often feel new and intimidating - especially when working remotely.

The beauty of fun is that it can be achieved in such small ways. It took just 2 minutes to add a custom emoji to Slack to celebrate our new team member's pet. The party tortoise emoji has now been used several times. Small detail - but can have big impact.


Losing pounds with Audio Trip

A screenshot from the Audio Trip game on Oculus Quest 2

Reaching, bending and ducking to hit virtual triangles


Ever since getting a VR headset during the first lockdown I've been committed to getting fit through virtual reality. I've played many games and shed many pounds over the past year, but I recently invested in a new fitness game called Audio Trip. It's similar to slashing virtual blocks in Beat Saber, but much more focused on fitness and includes a cardio mode. I've played religiously since buying it, alongside Beat Saber, and together they've made a perfect exercise combo.

Since March, I've lost 9lbs through playing on my VR headset. It's hard to get bored of and you genuinely forget you are exercising. In less than 30 minutes a day, hundreds of calories are burnt.


Catching up with past colleagues

A photo of Jake and Chanelle on a Zoom call.

Zooming with Chanelle


This week I caught up with Chanelle, a designer I worked with at the BBC. We had a good chat and I asked lots of questions around week notes. Chanelle has just kicked off week notes herself and inspired me to give it a bash. Check out her week notes here. Aside from that - it was good to just catchup again. It reminded me to keep in touch with the connections I make throughout my career. It was great to chat about what we're up to in our new roles and what we've learnt since moving on.