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Round three of Weeknotes. Here's what's been happening this week.


Time for some training

A screenshot from a training course over Zoom

Learning about value exchanges and business model archetypes


I've been lucky enough this week to take time out to focus on some personal development. Along with a number of other colleagues across Co-op, we've had training on 'Business Model Innovation'. Provided by the Board of Innovation, we've learnt lots about business models and value exchanges, but the key takeaway from the sessions was familiarity with a number of thought tools and processes. One of these tools was 'opposite thinking', where you describe an assumption, then describe the opposite of it, and finally build solutions from those opposites. There's a bunch of different tools like this, and it was great to get acquainted with them.

The idea of the course is to 'train the trainer'. We learn the tools and skills from the agency, and we then we share and facilitate sessions using these tools with other colleagues across Co-op.

We've got our last session on this course next week, and I'm looking forward to learning lots more stuff.


A mid-year reflection

A screenshot of a retro board on Miro

Lots of learning and achievement!

I had my first mid-year review at Co-op this week. It was good to reflect on the achievements and challenges I've had over the first half of the year. When talking through my retro board with my line manager, I realised just how much I've learnt and accomplished over what feels like such a short time. Amidst the busy working weeks where you've got your head down in between meetings, it's sometimes difficult to remember how far you've come.

I started the year focused on my role as a UX Designer, but I've been lucky enough to be seconded over into the Customer Experience team, effectively working as a CX Designer. I'm comfortable with UX, but CX was unfamiliar territory. By stepping out of my comfort zone I've developed lots of new skills and built a lot of experience across customer experience and strategies. Each day is still a school day, and I'm still learning lots. I'm looking forward to the journey ahead!


Building a quilt

A digital patchwork quilt, with each patch representing a different designer

22 patches and growing


A few months ago I suggested an idea to the design team at Co-op off the back of watching the Config event by Figma. The event asked people to contribute to a digital quilt, and of course, using Figma as the platform. The idea was to show all the people joining the event from across the world and the process was embraced as a way of connecting with each other in a remote setting. It got me thinking about how we might achieve something similar in our design team.

Myself and lots of other people joined Co-op remotely, and many people across the design team rarely get to work with each other as we're all working on different product or business areas. I proposed that, as a design team, we should build a community quilt. It would give us something fun to work on as a collective design team. Something to act as a warm welcome for new starters who can be added to the quilt. Something to showcase everyone that's had an impact in Co-op design team, even if they've moved on.

Working with my colleague, James, we built out a template and held a mini workshop to show and demonstrate the concept. We've now got 22 patches on our quilt and growing. It's great to see it come alive, and I've got ideas to take it to the next level.


Next generation racing

A screenshot from the F1 2021 game

My weekend, summed up


I'm excited for a new game release this week - F1 2021 for the PS5. I'm a big fan of Formula 1, so I'm looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into the next generation experience of the game. Oh, and its the British Grand Prix this weekend - so I'll be watching live! Cmon Hamilton!


A weekend in the garden

A photo of a house. It's a sunny warm day with blue skies.

Hoping I'll get my garden looking like this again


There's a heatwave this weekend and I've decided to spend my time in the garden. Aside from having the occasional beer, I'm going to be getting the garden in shipshape condition. Its been a while since I've got to spend some time tidying it up - it is in disarray to be honest, so there will be lots of de-weeding and lawn mowing happening over the weekend. On goes the factor 30.