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Round four of Weeknotes. I've decided to keep these low pressure. I was exhausted at the end of last week and didn't feel up to writing, so I've decided to reflect across the past two weeks this time.

Here's what's been happening.


Making principles come alive

A screenshot from Figma, showing two digital posters in the making.

Turning thoughts into action


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I've been working on a some principles for inclusive collaboration with a group of fellow designers. This week we have started to refine these principles, with the intention of colleagues being able to recap on them as a group before getting into a collaborative session.

As a side project, it's been quite tough finding time across the week to progress the work. However, we've managed to persevere. We've shifted from a stage of conducting primary research into what makes people feel included in meetings, to designing up digital posters for inclusive working principles. It's great to finally see this work coming alive! We're planning on testing these principles internally and seeking any feedback before sharing them more widely outside Co-op... so keep your eyes peeled.


Typography fundamentals

A screenshot from our Visual Design Community of practice on typography.

Who doesn't love a design meme?


It has been a long time since I got into the nitty gritty of typography, which is why it was ace to get a recap session from resident designer, Jacob. In the session we covered the fundamentals of typography, from the anatomy of typefaces to type pairing. Not only did I get to rekindle my love for type (I can be a bit of a nerd when it comes to letterforms), but I learnt some new stuff too. Cheers Jacob!


Onboarding new starters

A screenshot from Miro showing a new starter board as a work in progress.

The office, at home


A new colleague recently joined the CX team. She shared some feedback on our new starters board we've got set up in Miro. The board aims to onboard anyone new to the team, covering the basics such as who is in team, getting set up with Co-op systems and an intro the work we do across CX at Co-op. There's a lot to take in on the board and Hannah, our new starter, shared some feedback on how we can make it better and easier to follow.

Hannah created a new flow for all the content we had on the board along with introducing some new elements. We've paired up, and after having a chat through it, I've taken the task of adding some design flair. I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to designing in Miro, and I'm going all out. As we're still mostly working from home, I've decided to add an office feel to it along with some quirky illustrations from Ouch. I'm hoping by making it feel playful (along with Hannah's improvements to the flow), new people to the team will feel more at home and enjoy themselves as they work through the onboarding tasks.


Miro, Miro, Miro

A screenshot from Miro showing a visualisation of how CX is measured at Co-op

Aysnyc heaven: comments. Everywhere. 


The last two weeks have been spent gazing at Miro and visualising lots of complex information. We, the CX team, have collected lots of insight around how we measure the customer experience at Co-op, broken down into business units. Our mission now is to communicate what we're measuring, who is doing this measuring and where it's being measured - both at a high level and broken down into the customer journey.

It has taken a lot of wrangling in Miro, lots of feedback sessions with the team and hundreds of comments dotted around the board - but we've got a framework that's working well. We're in the process of filling out all the details and identifying gaps of knowledge, but our next steps will be to map opportunities and validate the content before sharing more widely across Co-op.


First wedding in a decade

This weekend is my Aunt's wedding! It'll be the first wedding I've been to in over 10 years. I'm looking forward to spending some time seeing lots of family members I haven't seen in such a long time. With restrictions eased and people getting jabbed, it will be good to finally catch up again and celebrate together. Roll on tomorrow.


Swans at Southport

A photo taken on a pedal swan in Southport.

We had to keep swapping seats it was that much effort!


I went for a trip to Southport a couple of weeks ago for a trip out with my parents. We went on the pedalo swans and burnt a shed load of calories, got sunburnt and spent an hour walking to the ocean. It was a good day out.