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Round five of Weeknotes. Here's what's been happening.


Wrapping up all things measurement mapping

A screeshot of a retro board in Miro.

Learning from each other


The past two weeks have been very busy as we roll up our work on measurement mapping. To summarise the project, we've been exploring how Co-op currently measures the customer experience, along with what the measures are and who it is that's doing the measuring. It has been a really insightful project and I'm astounded with the amount I've learnt in just six weeks. I started off knowing next to nothing about customer experience measurement and metrics, but I'm wrapping up with bags of knowledge. Sure, there's still so much I can learn in this area, but my confidence in understanding and articulation of measuring customer experiences has grown hugely.

We had our final retro for the project this week and this particular comment resonated greatly with me: "The work might look like it requires specialism but if you try approaching it from a different perspective, you'll find a place you can add value."

The project has taught me the art of perseverance, trust in the process and how to navigate yourself when working in unfamiliar territory.


Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

Following on from the previous story, I've learnt the importance of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. I've been lucky enough to work in the CX team since the beginning of the year - a discipline that I wasn't overly familiar with. There's been lots of times where I've been out of my comfort zone. In fact, the majority of my time in the CX team has felt like that, but this isn't a bad thing. Being in uncomfortable territory is what makes us grow as individuals. I'm constantly learning new skills and growing as a person, and I genuinely look forward to another set of challenges to keep me on my toes each working day. I've learnt to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Running my first crit at Co-op

A screenshot of a rose, bud, thorn exercise in Miro

A rose, bud, thorn exercise in Miro


I held a critique with the design team at Co-op to get feedback on the principles for inclusive collaboration that I've been working on with a few colleagues. We've got some excellent feedback on the work so far along with some great ideas of how this work could be rolled out. I'm genuinely excited to get this work out and in the wild. Over the next few weeks we will be coming up with a plan for how to share these principles, whilst continuing to seek feedback and iterate. We'll start internally within the design team before rolling out across the wider Co-op, and eventually, externally.


Fully jabbed

A photo of a Covid-19 vaccine appointment card

Hoping we don't need boosters


I got my second jab at the weekend. It feels great to finally have both shots over and done with. Luckily, I had no side effects on the first shot, but the second jab totally wiped me out. Headache, nausea, dizziness and just a general fatigue across the body. Thankfully, it only lasted 24 hours and I was still able to power through work.


On the road to owning a home

A screenshot of the Moneybox app

The celebratory illustrations make it worth it


I opened my Lifetime ISA earlier this year to kick off the process of owning a home. I've been using Moneybox to put money aside and make use of the government bonus, something which is definitely needed with the current housing market. You can put away a maximum of £4,000 each tax year, and you'll get £1,000 on top from the government. I just reached my max this week, so that's my target hit until April 2022! Hopefully, I'll be on the lookout for a place of my own this time next year.

I'll still be saving on the side between now and next April. In fact, I've become a bit obsessed with saving money and limiting spending since working from home. It all adds up. Simple things like not spending money by getting the train to the office each day and buying lunch has contributed massively. Stingy, but helps me reach my goals much quicker. Roll on being a home owner!